FinTax Experts India: Providing Offshore CPA services for Growth-focused companies!

Does the routine bookkeeping task shift your focus from core business? Are everyday accounting problems stopping you from addressing CPA issues? If so, then maybe it’s time for your CPA firm to consider outsourcing bookkeeping/accounting. Several companies are CPA outsourcing services these days. FinTax Experts India will take care of the bookkeeping and accounting needs of your customers, allowing your CPA firm to focus on financial disclosure, tax planning and other customer profitability strategies.

The Most Trusted Outsourcing Partner for Accounting Firms!

It takes a lot of work to build and maintain a well-managed internal accounting team that can apply best practices for your business. This is exactly what we have done over the years to build our team of experts

You play the game and we will continue to record – bookkeeping for CPAs and Accounting Firms!

Because most CPAs are busy providing value-added services to their clients such as auditing, tax planning and consulting, they have little time to clean up their clients’ books. FinTax Experts India bookkeeping service provides accurate data to CPAs and tax makers.

We handle your client’s books and allow you to focus more on financial disclosure, tax planning, and other customer profitability strategies. Our expert CPAs can provide value-added services without additional costs.

Our cost-effective CPA outsourcing solutions allow our clients to streamline their day to day business operations and reduce overhead costs without sacrificing quality or productivity.

People, Processes and Technology: We streamline your office with proven solutions!

Our services are equipped with guaranteed fast turnaround time and reliable accuracy. The cost of our bookkeeping and tax preparation services will provide an unmatched value proposition to your accounting firm by providing high-quality work at very affordable prices.

If your accounting firm does not offer bookkeeping to your clients, then we can fill the gap without overlapping services. You continue to provide the same services as usual, and we take care of the boring day-to-day bookkeeping for your clients. We help tax professionals and offshore CPA companies to meet client demands, both during the tax season and throughout the year.

We are your efficient and reliable backup!

Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Service is made specifically for CPAs and accounting firms. Around 90% of our company’s revenue comes from services to the CPA. We act as an efficient and reliable back office to meet the accounting needs of CPAs and accounting companies, which they need in order to serve their clients.

You can always rely on us for CPA outsourcing; we have enough resources to fulfil your needs. In both cases, we are the best choice for you.

FinTax Expert India is a leading offshore CPA company that provides a variety of outsourcing accounting services for new companies and established businesses. We have the experience and expertise to provide complete back-office solutions which include:

  • Accounts Payables & Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll Support
  • Financial Modeling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax & Audit Support

We provide a range of customised CPA outsourcing services, where we sit with clients, understand their needs and provide what they need. We use the latest technology to monitor your business using frameworks such as Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage that streamline and automate how your information is collected most safely. Our mission is to help decision-makers face their toughest challenges with clarity & confidence.

As a professional outsourcing accounting firm, we understand that it is necessary to keep your information confidential. For that, we have several security measures. We also strive to provide the best, affordable and flexible services. Please contact us today for an initial consultation.

Free up staff time to concentrate on work that results in higher costs and client care!