Preparing taxes taking a toll on you? Fintax India Experts is here to assist!

Prepare and filing a sales tax return is a complicated task. You know that handling large amounts of sales and tax returns is time-consuming, right? Not only it takes time but can burn a hole in your pocket as well. Mind you! Hiring additional staff during the peak tax season is a costly affair. Fortunately, there is a cheaper way to manage your tax preparation tasks while saving costs. It’s called outsourcing tax returns.

Say Goodbye to endless sales tax compliance issues!

Collecting and validating compliance documents such as certificate exclusions can be time-consuming and tiring. Isn’t it good to outsourcing tax and have someone else manage it for you?

Over the years our sales tax outsourcing experts have helped clients to deal with the filing of tax returns backed by their valuable accounting and tax skills. Our response time is the best in the industry. Accurate and cost-effective, our tax return service enables companies to focus on more profitable assignments, leaving us with a time-consuming tax preparation activity.

How do we prepare tax returns?

We examine your balance sheet and other relevant data and classify all items accordingly before we begin processing and preparing your tax return. When preparing and processing your tax return, we analyze and interpret profit and loss, in addition to the treatment and tax obligations for different accounts. Before the tax return is finally prepared, we communicate our observations, comments and points of view to you.

Our team for tax return outsourcing is trained and qualified. We regularly improve our skills and knowledge in leading tax software and mandatory laws through ongoing training. By tax outsourcing, a company can reduce costs by 50% -60%. You will have more time to focus on your core operations and reduce stress, in addition to saving costs.

The current tax preparation law is complicated and we are up to the task!

What makes Fintax Experts India special? Our knowledge of outsourcing tax preparation, our excitement, our commitment to our clients, and our choice of products is only the beginning of what you can expect from us. Whether you choose our service for personal tax or business tax, you get a partner who will support you and actively explore your needs. Whether it’s about the biggest refunds or the smallest legal tax obligations, we are here to prepare tax returns.

We can also help you set up your F&A team by helping you recruit the right people and design the systems needed for you.

Because companies are also looking for ways to add value to their customers, our outsource tax preparation team also provide management reporting services. We have a group of trained tax experts who are ready to help you even on short notice to manage demand during the peak tax season.

Check out what we bring to the table when it comes to tax preparation!

  • Compilation of financial statements – journals/ledgers from source documents
  • For companies, sole traders, partnerships, trusts and individuals; we prepare income tax returns
  • Preparation of quality work papers according to practical procedures
  • GST preparation and statement of business activities
  • Preparation of statement of instalment activities
  • Preparation for returning FBT

Fintax Experts India offers tax preparation outsourcing for businesses and accounting firms. Most CPA companies prefer to outsource, especially during the busy season. Our professional team will benefit you with better refunds and smaller obligations.

Our tax returns outsourcing will give you better productivity by freeing up your resources involved. You will be able to focus on better customer service and to get their work-life balance back.

Still thinking about how we can help? Contact us today!